U8 Race

Age 7

Birth year 2016


This program provides an introduction to ski racing. Athletes will meet on weekends, both Saturday and Sunday, from 9-2 pm.  The goals are to gain time on snow and to start to develop the technical skills to be a ski racer. The main goal is to have fun! Athletes will be able to participate in fun races, such as Robin's Race at Skaneateles Ski Club and The Piazza Race at Song Mt. 


The cost per athlete is $500 fee that includes coaching, insurance and the previous family membership fee. Payments received after December 1, 2023 will be charged a $25 late fee. NASTAR passes need to purchased for an additional. The holiday camps between Christmas and New Years as well as over February Break are included in the fee for the program. The athlete would also need a Labrador Mountain Ski Pass which is not included but can be purchased through Labrador Mountain.