Volunteer Opportunities

Why We Need Volunteers

Labrador Mountain Ski Club is a charitable, 501c3, organization. We run off the support of the community and members, and without our sponsors and volunteers we would not be the successful organization we are today. There is are a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into the smooth running of our Club and we can find a job for everyone who would like to help us, no matter what your skill level is on the slopes. If you would like to get to know your skiing community, donate your professional skills, do something different, or make an impact on young ski racers please contact us today.

Race Day Volunteer Position Information:

Gate Judges:

LMSC parent. This is non-certified position that any person can perform with training provided by the club. Good skiing ability is a plus, but is not required as many placements can be walked to without skiing. A Gate Judge is responsible for the supervision of one or more gates. This supervision includes determining and recording whether or not a competitor's passage through the gates – both skis and both tips – was correct or incorrect according to current rules, verifying that the competitors do not accept outside help, documenting interference for review by the Jury. Gate judge cards must be marked with the specific gate numbers that are being judged. In the event of a fault, the card must be marked with the gate number that was faulted, the racer bib #, as well as a drawn picture describing the nature of the fault.

Chief Gate Judge:

LMSC Parent. USSA and NYSSRA certification is not required for this role. Any person that can navigate skiing down the race hill can perform with training provided by the club. This person will be the head gate judge, responsible for ensuring each of the gate judges are properly trained on the rules they are imposing. Also ensures there are plenty of gate judge cards on hand for the race. Chief Gate judge will ensure all gate judges are positioned well enough along the course to adequately see and judge the race. After each race, this person will gather all gate judge cards and immediately attend the meeting with the race officials to review all gate cards to compile and record any disqualifications (DSQ) or non-finishes (DNF).

Start & Finish Hand Timers

    • At start and finish. Run electronic back-up timing –box that records time as athlete starts and when they cross the finish line - one button push.

Course Maintenance

    • Race day early morning: Assist coaching with course set, setting up crowd control netting, finish area, course maintenance (replacing broken gate, dislodged panels, slipping excess snow off course) throughout the race.

Race Announcer

    • Announces each racer’s time over loud speaker system.

Timer Recorder

    • Documents all race times – stationed in finish house with timing and calculations.


    • Records racers’ times 1st and 2nd run (role currently not performing due to COVID restrictions)

Bib Collector

    • At the end of the second race run collects bibs from each racer.

B-Net Set-up (Pre-race day - as many hands as available):

    • Set-up per USSA rules and certified Homologation requirements under guidance of Chief of Course.

    • Carry rolls down to course, un-rolling net, drilling pole holes, weaving nets together, and placing upright. All LMSC athletes, men, and women can support this job.

Gatekeeper Instruction Sheets

Slalom Instruction sheet:

Gatekeeper Rules SL Version.docx

Giant Slalom Instrucution Sheet

Gatekeeper Rules-GS Version.docx

Every Day Club Needs:

Help clean the Yurt,

Help younger athletes getting on and off the lift when needed

Donate hot chocolate, tea, and coffee for the Kurig Brewer and Hot Water station in the Yurt

Donate large jugs of water for the dispenser in the Yurt

Donate plastic ware and napkins for lunch time

Anything you feel would benefit the kids, coaching staff, and members in any way

If you or someone you know has an interest in volunteering with our club this season,

please contact us at programdirector@labskiteam.org